Special occasions deserve special celebrations! Strathcona County Mayor and Council may provide official recognition to events.

  • Invite the Mayor to an event 
    You may choose to extend the invitation to Councillors. 
  • Proclamations or Celebratory Messages from the Mayor 
    A proclamation will designate a special day, week or month to observe an important community theme. (View past proclamations.) The Mayor may also provide written messages to an event, congratulatory certificates of letters for individual milestone life events, special letters of accomplishment to individuals or community organizations to recognize significant contributions.
  • Flags
    Strathcona County flags are available for purchase through the Assessment & Taxation department located in County Hall. The cost of these flags is $80 each. 
  • Pins
    Strathcona County official pins are available in golden or silver. Charges for large requests will apply.
  • Official Gifts
    Official Gifts may be requested by organizations or individuals to exchange on official visits or to be used as auction items in fundraising campaigns. Approved at the discretion of the Elected Official and subject to availability.

Submit your request using County Connect.

Terms and conditions

Each of the protocol services described above are subject to specific conditions. In general, all of these services:

  • may only be provided to non-for profit organizations within Strathcona County;
  • must qualify under the guidelines of each service;
  • must be requested within the timeframes specified under each service's guidelines;
  • are subject to stock or budget availability and approved at the discretion of the Council members.

Celebrating milestones

Other levels of government may provide celebratory messages for life milestones. Please visit the links below for information:

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