Strathcona County Emergency Services monitors the hazardous material release incidents and tracks them for necessary actions to ensure the safety of people, property and environment.

For emergency notification of industrial or hazardous materials spills, or when immediate assistance is required, always call 9-1-1.

For non-emergent reporting

Please be prepared to answer the following questions, whether reporting by phone or email:

  1. Company name
  2. Date and time event occurred:
  3. Location and/or address where spill/leak occurred:
  4. Name of material that was spilled/leaked:
  5. The UN (placard) number if the material has one:
  6. What is the volume or amount spilled/leaked:
  7. Follow-up contact information:
    1. Contact name:
    2. Phone number:
    3. Email address: 

A member of our Fire Prevention team will be in touch if more information is required.

For details on regulations please refer to TDG Regulations and Emergency Services Bylaw 68-2000

Fire prevention and investigation
Phone: 780-449-9651

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